• Automatic Butyl Extruder
Performance characteristics
1. The machine adopts a touchscreen interface, and the system is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), which ensures high automation and easy operation.
2. The machine utilizes a pressurization system, which applies pressure in both directions to the system regardless of the movement of the working cylinder, ensuring uniform glue dispensing.
3. The surface of the operating table is entirely made of stainless steel, making it convenient for cleaning and enhancing the overall appearance of the machine.
4. The machine is designed with a surrounding conveyor belt, facilitating the replacement of the belt.
Main functions of this machine:
1. Automatic measurement of spacer width and automatic adjustment of nozzle distance.
2. Adjustable temperature, pressure, and coating speed (variable frequency speed regulation).
3. Preheating function for glue head and glue cylinder.
4. Low prompt for insufficient raw material butyl rubber.